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Close Old Tabs and Log-in Again To Avoid Login Issue: Delhi HC on Virtual Hearing

Case name: Jasdan energy Private Ltd vs. Inox wind Limited & another
Quorum: Justice Prathiba M. Singh

A petition seeking extension of time was filed under Section 29A of the Arbitration Act, 1996 and the same was disposed of by the Court. However, the respondents’ counsel was unable to log in due to some technical glitch. The counsel contacted the Court Master for the same but thereafter an order was uploaded. Learned counsel sent a communication to the Court and then the Court sought a report from the IT Department. The IT Department concluded that the Respondents’ counsel tried to join the meeting before the scheduled time.

It also clarified and guided as to what a counsel should keep in mind to avoid such glitches. The user should before starting of the meeting close the old tab and then again join the meeting by opening a new tab. Also, it is advised that the counsel should wait for the call from the court staff for joining the meeting.

The Delhi High Court on Friday has issued a direction to advocates to close meeting windows which they might have opened before the hearing to avoid any technical glitches during virtual hearings.

By Priyanka of SPPU

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