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Delhi HC Notifies Samadhan On-Line Mediation Project For Holding Mediation Session Through Video Conferencing


The Delhi High Court has notified “Samadhan On-Line Mediation Project” at its Mediation & Conciliation Centre in an attempt to hold virtual sessions for dispute resolution amid COVID-19 pandemic.

At present, the total pendency at the Centre is 846 which includes 670 Court Referred Mediation Matters and 172 Pre-Litigation Matter. 4 are Pre-Institution Mediation matters. The sessions shall be conducted through CISCO WEBEX platform.

The Settlement Draft shall be finalized by circulating to all concerned through email. A link with the time and date shall be sent separately through email to the Mediator and the parties.

The party shall deposit the mandatory fee of Rs 21,OOO, mediation charges of Rs 20,OOO and administrative charges of Rs 1,000 through Net Banking in the account of the Registrar General, Delhi High Court.

An amount of Rs 500 for each session shall be charged at the end of the proceedings. A message shall be sent to the parties and lawyers through SMS/WhatsApp or through email on the addresses provided in the Consent Form.

By – Shrija Chauhan of LCD 

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