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Karnataka High Court stays State government Order’s banning online classes

(Bench of : Chief Justice Abhay Srinivas Oka and Justice Nataraj Rangaswamy.)

The high court expressed that prima facie the order by the state government banning online classes infringes and encroaches the fundamental rights under Article 21 and 21-A and thus stayed the part of the state government orders dated June 15 and June 27 which had imposed a ban on conduct of online classes for school students from LKG to Class 10.

Over which, it is find that both the government orders have encroached upon fundamental rights under 21 and 21A of the Constitution.”(in observation )However, the Court clarified that school authorities have no right to make online education Mandatory for students, or charge any extra fee for the same. The Bench held”Our order should not be construed to mean that students who do not opt for online education should be deprived of their normal education as and when the schools Will be able to start education.

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