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Free Online Certificate Course on Basics of Company Law By E-Justice India

Online certificate course on Basics of Company Law

About the course

For smooth functioning of a business enterprise, and to uphold transparency and accountability, we need company laws that provide an outline of the way in which a company must do business and be managed. This Course is aimed to enable the participants in acquiring a basic, yet comprehensive understanding of the concepts of Company Law. This course is totally based on new concept of company law i.e. the Companies Act 2013. will definitely help you to become a good legal professional in corporate sector.

What you will learn

  1. Introduction to Company law
  2. Lifting and Piercing of Corporate Ceil
  3.  Kinds of Companies
  4.  Company Constitution Documents:
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Article of Association
  5.  Promoters and Prospectus
  6.  Company Share Capital/Debentures
  7.  Company Directors, Managerial Persons and Meeting
  8.  Winding up
  9.  Adjudicatory Body
  10.  Development in Company law (DIN, CSR, Insiders trading etc.)

Method of Learning

This is a Module Based Course. The course material will be accessible only to registered participants.

There will be PPT also.

 Candidates have to submit assignment at last.


All the participants will be given an e-certificate after the successful completion of course.


1 month (Starting from 15 October)


All law student

Course Fee

Registration for this Course is Free

 There will be online Examination at last.

The Question Paper will include Multiple Choice Questions.

There will be 50 questions, each correct answer shall carry 2 Mark.

Students who will pass the exam with 30% Marks will be awarded certificate of completion of Course.

Qualified Candidates have to pay INR 60 for Certificate

Last Date for Registration

October 13, 2020

How to Register

Click Here to Register Yourself

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