Online Certificate Course on Civil Drafting by E- Justice India

Course: Online Certificate Course on Civil Drafting

About the course

Being a law student knowledge of drafting is very necessary.  Through this course of Online Certificate Course on Civil Drafting, we will teach you the fundamental principle of civil drafting. To be a good Lawyer you must have to learn a lot of basic ground work for drafting. This course will definitely help you to become a good legal professional.

What you will learn

  1. The basics rules of procedure under the CPC, 1908
  2. Functions of Civil Court
  3. How to structure plaint documents
  4. How to draft written statements and ancillary documents
  5. How to draft affidavits
  6. How to draft interlocutory applications
  7. How to draft first, second and miscellaneous appeals
  8. How to draft writ petitions, statements of objection and rejoinders.

Method of Learning

This is a Module Based Course. The course material will be accessible only to registered participants. There will be assignment also.


All the participants will be given an e-certificate after the successful completion of course.


1 month (Starting From 1st day of next month)


All law students & Professionals

Course Fee

The course fee is INR 179 Only /- (Non-Refundable)

Last Date for Registration

28th day of this month

Mode of Payment

Participants can make payment through following method.

Google Pay/Phone Pay – 8709601971

Paytm – 8709601971

After the payment all participants need to upload screenshots of the same while registration.

How to Register

Participants have to pay via above mentioned payment method and then register themselves through registration link given below.

Click Here to register yourself

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