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The physical hearings cancelled by the Karnataka High Court in accordance to the rapid rise in the response of Covid-19 cases in Bangalore:

A notification released by the principal bench cancelled the physical appearance before the Karnataka High Court in lieu of the rapid rise in Covid-19 cases. The notification further stated that those benches who were set hearing urgent matters via video conferencing would continue to function on the predefined date and time.

The Court in accordance with the unlock after June 1 was considering partial physical appearance in the hearing for selected matters only but foreseeing the present scenario the court has enforced a complete hault to the physical appearances in the courts for the safety of the bar and the court staff until further orders.

The benches notified that the matters of today would be taken up from July 1 through video conferencing. Noting the large no. of requests initiated through e-mails, the court requested the bar to institute only extremely urgent matters in the lime light.

The Court further discussed the problem as if the bar does not stop listing several matters they might get overburdened and which would result in the stopping of the court thus it’s for their own benefit and the cooperation of the bar is solicited.

By Rajat Verma of MMDU

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