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Vijay Kumar Shukla appointed as the Investigation Officer in the hand over of the Sathankulam Custodial deaths case to CBI:

After the matter was referred to CBI, cognizance was taken by the CBI official and matter was handed over to ASP Vijay Kumar Shukla over the custodial deaths of traders Jeyaraj and his son Bennix. CBI’s First Information Report was further administered to the Chief Judicial Magistrate at Madhurai.

The charges were framed under the heads of murder, detention and destruction of evidence as stated in the FIR.

They both were arrested on the grounds of violation Covid-19 curfew for keeping there mobile shop open past Curfew time. Their custodial deaths gave voice to large public outcry of alleged custodial torture undergone by Sathankulam Police.

Previous Month, the Madhurai Bench took suo moto cognizance over the case alleging the brutality of the police including sexual abuse, a mechanical remand by the Judicial Magistrate and inadequate healthcare treatment of Jeyaraj and Bennix which lead to their deaths.

The Tamilnadu Government while administering the transfer of the matter to CBI, the High Court aapointed DSP Anil Kumar, CB-CID, Tirunelveli to take over as investigation officer until the tranfer is initiated to CBI and to maintain the accords as to avoid the tampering of documents or evidences of the case.

Judicial enquiry under section 176 of CrPC has been initiated to the matter and be conducted by JMIC, Kovilpatti, who informed  the Court  about the Intimidating acts of Police Officials in Open Court. The case is said to be heard by Madras High Court on the 9th of July.

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