Press Release | Blacklisting Law College Dehradun , Uttaranchal University for Unprofessional Conduct

Press Release

[New Delhi, 26-10-2023] – We regret to announce that, following a recent incident of disrespectful behavior and assault by a student from Law College Dehradun with an invited guest and renowned Advocate under the premises of Uttaranchal University , we have taken the difficult decision to blacklist Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University from our organization and discontinue any benefits of courses and paid internships for students affiliated with the institution.

As an organization committed to professionalism, respect, and ethical conduct, we take incidents of disrespect and unprofessional behavior very seriously. The recent incident involving a student at Law College Dehradun, has not only violated our community guidelines but has also raised concerns about the conduct and behavior of the institution’s students.

After the incident, the university officials provided assurances to the guests that they will take necessary action, pledging to address the issue promptly and effectively. However, despite these assurances, no concrete action has been taken against the accused. The lack of accountability and resolution in this matter reflects negatively on the university’s commitment to maintaining a conducive and respectful learning environment.

In light of this incident, we are taking the following actions:

Removal from our website: We will immediately remove all content and information related to Law College Dehradun from our platform.

Termination of benefits for students: Students from Law College Dehradun will no longer be eligible for any courses, internships, or paid opportunities offered through our platform.

Furthermore, we wish to clarify that, as a result of this decision, we will not be collaborating with or promoting events involving students from Law College Dehradun, or any institution in which Law College Dehradun’s students may participate.

We believe that maintaining a positive and respectful learning environment is essential, both online and offline. This decision reflects our commitment to upholding these principles and holding individuals and institutions accountable for their behavior.

It is important to note that we understand that the actions of one individual should not reflect the entire institution, and we encourage Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University to address this matter internally and take appropriate steps to ensure that incidents of this nature do not occur in the future.

In addition to blacklisting Law College Dehradun, we will also inform the Bar Council of India and Ministry of Law and Justice about the incident that occurred under the campus of Uttaranchal University. This incident involved an enrolled advocate, who was subjected to disrespect. The university’s failure to take any action in response to this incident is a matter of serious concern, and it is imperative to bring this to the attention of the Bar Council of India and Ministry of Law and Justice to take necessary action against the University.

We hope that this decision will serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining respectful and professional conduct within the legal community. Once we see significant improvements in the conduct of students affiliated with Law College Dehradun, we may reconsider our decision.

For any questions or inquiries related to this decision, please feel free to contact us at [].

Team E-Justice India