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Liability of Administration

Author : Akshara Vijayakumar The liability of the administration is governed by the principles of public law which have been come from British Common Law and the Provisions of the Constitution. The liability of administration is there in tort and contract. Introduction The administration is the one who makes the laws sometimes. The constitution is


Author : Bhoomi Gupta The term ‘tort’ is derived from the Latin phrase ‘tortum’ which means to twist and implies conduct which is twisted or tortious. Sexual harassment is an unwelcome behaviour whether directly or indirectly and violence against the victim. It is immoral and illegal to harass any person based on sex. Sexual Harassment is


MULTIPLIER THEORY Author : Gouri Kailash INTRODUCTION Tort means the violation of a person’s right by the negligence of the other or it is the breach of duty to another. In Tort the compensation or damages are usually monetary damages. It is basically the sum of money that a person has to pay for the


Author : Monalisha Singh The most valuable thing which a person possesses is his reputation and everyone is entitled to shield his reputation. Defamation is recognized as a right in rem (a right good against all persons in the world). According to Black’s law dictionary (i), defamation means any offence which can harm a person’s

Gloucester Grammar School Case

Gloucester Grammar School Case Case Summary CITATION:((1411), Y. B. 11 Hen. 4, f. 47, pi. 19) FACT OF THE CASE: In the Gloucester Grammar School Case, the defendant was a faculty teacher within the plaintiff’s school. thanks to some dispute, the defendant left the plaintiff’s school and found out a rival school next thereto of