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Ravi Prakash Mishra (Founder of E-Justice India), Who made a significant contribution in the field of legal education during the corona Pandemic

If we look at the context of the India, then a Sanskrit verse is very popular and is often heard from the elders, हर्तृ र्न गोचरं याति दत्ता भवति विस्तृता। कल्पान्तेऽपि न या नश्येत् किमन्यद्विद्यया विना।। That means, That which is not visible to thieves, which is expanded by giving, which does not perish even

An Initiative taken by students of ICFAI University, Dehradun for welfare of the Society.

Arohannam is an initiative taken by the founder Ilsa Fatma (Student of ICFAI Law School) who believes that being a law student it’s our foremost duty to do something for welfare of the society. The main motive of aarohannam is to create legal awareness among the underprivileged section of society and help the helpless.Arohannam has