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Case Summary: Sinha Ramanuja v. Ranga Ramanuja

Author: Khushboo Chopra CITATION  AIR 1961 SC 1720 BENCH SUBBARAO, K. INTRODUCTION The case questioned the maintainability of the suit filed by Aradanaikar and trustee of the temple for the declaration of the right to first Theertham. FACTS In Tirunelveli district there is a temple at Alwar Tirunelveli called Athinathalwar temple. The deity presiding in

Case Summary: R V Latimer

Author: Divya Bargava EQUIVALENT CITATION AIR 2001 S.C.C 3 BENCH Larner C.J , Justice Noble , La Forest , Gonthier , Cory , McLachlin , Iacobucci , Major J.J , L’Heureux –Dube , Sophinka . INTRODUCTION R v Latimer was a case which was held by the Supreme court of Canada. The full name of