70% memorandum issued by the Punjab and Haryana high court to collect fees and disbursement of Teacher’s salary in lieu COVID-19 Lockdown

A plaint of atrocity was raised by the Independent Schools Association Chandigarh after being restricted to collect building / transportation / meal charges, etc. for one side and forbidding to reduce salaries of the Teacher’s on the other.

Adv. Ashish Chopra from the side of the petitioners laid before the court that as per the order dated 14th May the state governments issued notification concerning the accumulation of only tuition fee administering the performance of online classes during the present period. Germane to the divulgence of the guidelines the schools and colleges were forbidden to collect any emoluments concerning building/transportation/meal charges etc. and it was even provided that the institutions are not eligible for reducing the salary payable to the Teacher’s which as presented by him were contradictory guidelines in lieu of each other amidst non availability of funds.

After recording the submission presented by the advocate, Justice Ritu Bahri allowed interim relief to the school federation and management associations undertaking both the situations, superintending that,

1. The admission fees paid yearly to be paid in equal installments in 6 months.

2. 70% salaries to be disbursed to the Teacher’s.

3. 70% total school fee to be incurred from the parents of the students.

Petitioners also presented that the private institutions submit a deposit under the head ‘reserved fund’ under Punjab School Education Board and an amount of Rs 77 crore lay used in such accounts and proposed for proper utilization such funds.

The court considering the solicitation of the petitioners, provided time to the state government to reply in regard to the concerned matter as to how the Reserved Fund might be utilized in building, sanitation in the schools, fee payment and salary disbursement amid lockdown.

By Rajat Verma of MMDU

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