BCI to set 4 free video conferencing system: seminar turn into a webinar.

In this pandemic Covid-19 each section of the society has been suffering. Right from seeking education to the dealings in corporate world, this has become a challenging task for everyone of us. 

Where stepping out from our home is a big risk to our life as well as others, what we have to do now is to maintain the social distance and try to cut-off the community transmission. As a result most of the people are opting to work from home, conducting online business deals and online classes for academic progress of students.

With most us being engaged in learning and imparting knowledge via seminars, the current lockdown situation has brought to us a new concept in our daily use known as ‘webinars’ 

Webinar is an online platform where one can set up a cozy and comfortable  environment for himself or herself and can operate the system to learn, share, deliver knowledge or to instruct the concerned employees, etc.

Work from home

Home is the place where one can find a healthy environment and peace duly overflowing with unconditional love and support from the family members.It is rightly said that home is the first school for the young ones because as we grow we learn various things from our parents and elderly people. Presently, in this situation, schools and educational institutions have started teaching students via online system.

Yet this can only resort to be a temporary solution for conducting online classes. With lack of personal attention, one can find it  difficult to understand certain concepts.

Speaking about the working class in companies, online system for conference meetings and holding a healthy discussion has made it possible to maintain the constant productivity of the workers and strategy of the company towards the market. Although this benefits certain sections of the society, it is largely incapable to meet the working requirements of the rest. For example, a doctor cannot conduct tests or even perform surgery on the patients from home. For this he will need to step out of his house to go to his clinic or hospital.

BCI to set 4 video conferencing system.

On 22nd May 2020, BCI informed that they have set 4 video conferencing rooms with fully equipped WIFI system for the Advocates practicing in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India. These virtual systems will be made available free of cost from 26th May 2020 onwards. Advocates are requested to apply for E-Pass by sending an email to bcividconf@gmail.com and they are also requested to carry the same E-Pass which is sanctioned by the office of BCI.

One has to note that such facility is on ‘first come, first serve’ basis. The booking shall be done 36 hours prior with a valid restriction for only 2 advocates/person to be allowed to enter the premises and 4 advocates/people of both the parties to appear at one time. 

Also, as a helping hand for advocates, BCI assured to keep a promising staff to assist the advocates with the operating system. Advocates are also requested to maintain the norms of social distancing. It has been made mandatory for them to wear N-95 mask and carry an alcohol based sanitizer and they have been strictly prohibited from wearing shoes.

To Conclude, this pandemic has opened doors to technology assisted learning. Due to social distancing norms, we have been forced to adopt technological means to meet our requirements for efficient working. Video conferencing is thus set  to be the ‘new normal’ in the current and  post-pandemic world.

By Yash .Y Naik of VM Salgaocar College of Law Goa