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E-Justice India is one of the Most Trusted and Popular Legal Website of India. E-Justice India is dedicated to Law Students, Lawyers and Attorneys. It is managed by CSM Partners and Associates LLP (AAS-5840). The aim of E-Justice India is to provide Education in Indian Legal Sector. Through this Portal, we set-up towards Right to Education. E-Justice India provides Legal News, Legal Articles on latest issues, Leading Case Summary, Law Notes, Free and Advanced Certificate Courses, Free Legal Advice, Success Stories of Advocates, Interview of Advocates & Judges and Information about Upcoming Law Events. We also promote other Events through Media Partnership, At the moment our website is generating 75,000+ unique visitors and More than 1.25 lakhs visit  every Months. We have Approx 250 Campus Ambassadors in many Law Schools across India.


Any Theme Related to Law

Submission Guidelines

The submissions must be sent to in a MS word document.

Authors are expected to submit articles of length not more than 2000 words. Authors are requested to adhere to the word limit.


The maximum number of co-authors permitted is two.

Font Style

The blog submitted by the author(s) must adhere to the following font styles:

  1. The blog submitted must be in Times New Roman.
  2. The line spacing must be 1.5.
  3. The font size of the title – 16, font size of headings -14 and the font size of the body – 12.

Citation Style

The author(s) are requested to provide the link of the sources which have been cited by them in the main body or are requested to provide endnotes.

Other instructions

  1. Along with the blog, the author must provide an abstract (in about 4 to 5 lines).
  2. Authors are requested to give a written undertaking that the blog submitted has not been published or is in consideration for publishing in any other place.
  3. The cover letter of the author(s) must consist of the names, profession and university/firm/place of work.
  4. Author(s) have to submit undertaking of original work along with the Blog.
  5. Last date of submission is 30th November, 2022


The authors of the published blogs will get a certificate of publication.

Contact Information


Whatsapp : +91-9097836465

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