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Article 21 of the Constitution of India – Right to Life & Personal Liberty

By Raushni  Ranjan  Pradhan                                                           Article  21  of Indian  Constitution  says “NO person  shall be deprived  of his life or personal  liberty except  according to procedure established by law “ . Article 21 of constitution  has been  held to be the heart  of the constitution  ,basically article 21 secures two rights  right to life ,and

CONSTITUTION OF INDIA [Articles 12 – 18]

Articles 12 – 18 INTRODUCTIONPart III, containing the Fundamental Rights, is undoubtedly the most significant provision of our Constitution. Of them, the Right to Constitutional Remedies, contained in Article 32, was termed by Dr. B R Ambedkar as the “heart and soul” of the Constitution. INSPIRATIONFundamental Rights, as incorporated in Part III of our Constitution,

Agreement and its Enforcement

Agreement and its Enforcement Author : Tanya Shrotriya The role played by two parties for an agreement is a promise from their ends. Promise is the result of an offer made by a person and its acceptance by other. It has been acknowledged by the both parties. Agreement lays the foundation of a contract.       Promise