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Online Certificate Course on Basics of Company Law By E-Justice India

About the course For smooth functioning of a business enterprise, and to uphold transparency and accountability, we need company laws that provide an outline of the way in which a company must do business and be managed. This Course is aimed to enable the participants in acquiring a basic, yet comprehensive understanding of the concepts

Free Online Certificate Course on Intellectual Property Rights by E-Justice India

About the Course As we all know that knowledge of IPR is very much important in current scenario. Through this course our aim is to provide an introduction and general overview of the IPR and related law. The course is entirely self-study and includes test questions to measure your understanding and progress in learning the

Online Certificate Course on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code by E-Justice India

Course Name: Certificate Course on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code About the course This course focuses upon the corporate and individual insolvency resolution process and introduces the concept of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India which would regulate a new genre of Insolvency Professionals through Insolvency Professional Agencies. This certificate course would be useful to