Delhi Bar Council directs Prashant Bhushan to appear before it on October 23 over SC conviction in contempt case

Delhi Bar Council has directed senior advocate Prashant Bhushan to appear before it on 23 October in view of the Supreme Court conviction in the contempt case.

The Supreme Court imposed a nominal fine of one rupee on Prashant Bhushan. In the contempt case, the Bar Council of India sent Bhushan’s case to the Delhi Bar Council on September 6 to deliberate and take a legal decision. After this, Delhi Bar Council has taken this step.

The Bar Council of Delhi has asked Prashant Bhushan to appear for video conferencing or in-person on Wednesday. In addition, the council has asked Bhushan to reply within 15 days. The Bar Council says why not take disciplinary action against her tweets and the Supreme Court’s decision to convict her of contempt. The Bar Council of Delhi has said that if Bhushan does not file the reply within 15 days, then the Bar Council will accept that he does not want to answer and will proceed in this matter without his favour.

Prashant Bhushan was found guilty by the Supreme Court in the contempt of court and he had to be deposited in the court of Rs. 1 as punishment. Which was deposited by Prashant Bhushan through bank draft.

Council said that after receiving this letter you will have to express the council in 15 days that your tweets came under the circle of questions and conviction under contempt petition by the Supreme Court, Section 35 and Section 24A of the Law of Law against you (Registration Cancellation) under which action should not be initiated.

Prashant Bhushan accepted the notice by tweeting on Wednesday morning. The council said that if Bhushan does not appear before it on a fixed date, unilateral action will be taken.

By Priya Kumari