Delhi HC Allows Lawyers to Access Their Chambers in Court Premises on Certain Conditions

The present issue was brought to the court’s notice by a letter addressed by the President of the Delhi High Court Bar Association on May 02.This decision was taken by an order dated May 14 by the Committee constituted to prepare the Graded Action Plan for normal functioning of the court. To access the chambers, the committee has laid down the following conditions and safeguards:

  • Access shall be limited to one lawyer per chamber (or two per chamber where chamber is on twin sharing basis) with one assistance or one junior. 
  • The timings for the access and use of chamber shall be from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon (morning phase) and from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm (afternoon phase). Layover period be used by housekeeping agencies for sanitization and deep cleaning of the use portions of the building.
  • No intern or client shall be permitted access in the chambers.
  • The entry and exit of all users/visitors be properly documented, monitored and regulated by DHCBA.
  • A report is to submitted after two weeks by DHCBA so that situation is access and reviewed in the next meeting.
  • Entry of the vehicles shall be only from Gate No.7 till further orders. All vehicles shall be parked in the main surface parking. Drivers shall remain in the parking area only.
  • Sanitizers and handheld body temperature scanners be put to use at entrance of all such blocks.
  • No kiosk facility for tea, coffee etc. or ancillary services in any chamber block shall be opened till further orders.
  • No common use areas like Bar, Consultation Room etc. be opened for use. Only the toilets for the floor(s) to be used shall be opened.
  • Lift facility shall be provided only to the floor(s) in use and shall be used only by two persons at a time. It be primarily used by those who are unable to climb stair for any reason. Appropriate notice be passed by DHCBA outside lifts for due compliance.
  • For proper garbage disposal, every chamber-user shall ensure that garbage is properly disposed of in closed plastic bag in the dustbin provided for in every floor.
  • Where there are multiple staircases, the signages be put indicating one-way use to prevent persons coming face to face.
  • Persons allowed access shall avoid visiting other chambers. 
  • Information of the above be disseminated by a public notice on the website of this Court.
  • The DHCBA shall issue necessary advisory about the manner of use of chambers while also requesting elderly members of the Bar to avoid coming to Court till further orders.

By Priyanka of SPPU

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