Delhi HC Judge Justice Sangeeta Dhingra Sehgal after resignation, to Join as President of the Delhi State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission.

On the 20th of May Justice Sangeeta Dhingra Sehgal Resigned from the office of Judge of Delhi High Court under the notification provided by the Delhi Government. She was scheduled to retire from the position of the judge in coming June 2020 but she chose to step down earlier from her position while she was provided with an opportunity to unite with the Delhi government as presented by the Department of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs to annex as president of the Delhi State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission.

Last year proposal was made by the judicial committee to make her a judicial member of the competition committee of India and the said proposal was approved by the appointment committee of cabinet, Government of India. And now with with government’s appraising she has been enabled as a personage for uniting with the Delhi government’s as a judicial member of the DSCRC.

The terms and conditions of the appointment as provided by the constitution of India are as follows:

1. The term of her appointment shall be for a tenure of 5 years or till she attains the age of 67 years whatsoever shall earlier.

2. Justice Sehgal shall be entitled to the allowances which would be similar to a sitting judge of the High court

Justice Sehgal joined Delhi High court as an ADJ in December,2014. After qualifying from her performance she was appointed as a permanent judge in in June 2016.

The said resignation had to be undergone by her as she was appointed as the President of the DSCRC as provided by the constitution.

By Rajat Verma

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