The first ever e-Lok Adalat was organised in Delhi on 8 th August by the Delhi State Legal Services Authority along with the support of National Legal Services Authority. Legal functionaries from all over the world attended the accomplishment ceremony. Keeping in mind the current pandemic condition innovative idea of e-Lok Adalat’s has been devised, but is expected to be used post pandemic as well.

First e-Lok Adalat was presided over by Justice N.V Ramana who is the Judge of Supreme court as well as Chairman of NALSA. Until now states named Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka have successfully conducted their first e-Lok Adalat’s while other states are in process of conducting it successfully and may do it in upcoming months.

Justice NV Ramana stated that legal services authority is making efforts along with district administrations and NGO’s to make this system available in the remotest corners of Country.

By Eshika Singla