On 1st May 2020 , The law Ministry through its notification has elevated five judicial officers as additional judges of the Karnataka High Court. This is happen when the a five judge of Supreme Court collegiums had recommended their appointment.

The Judicial Officers including Shivashankar Amarannavar, Smt M Ganeshaiah Uma, Vedavyasachar Srishananda, Hanchate SanjeevKumar , and Padmaraj Nemachandra Desai were appointed as a additional judges on thrusday for a period of two years.

The total number of judges in the Karnataka High Court after this appointment will be 46.

The Collegium had also approved the proposal for appointment of three additional judges for the calcutta High Court as a permanent judges of High Court and elevation of three advocates as a judges of the Andhra Pradesh High Court and also the proposal for elevation of an advocate as a judge of the Telangana High Court.

A Supreme Court collegium headed by the Chief Justice of India SA Bobde had made recommendatins on Friday 1st May 2020 for elevation of these judicial officers as judges of Karnataka High Court. The 5-judge collegium also comprised of Justice NV Ramana, Justice Arun Mishra, Justice RF Nariman and Justice R Banumathi.

By Shubhi Singhal of Law College Dehradun