“Our hope for farm animals” on India’s 75th Independence Day Webinar Series by HSI/India and AALSA [13-20 August, 2021]


Humane Society International/India is world’s largest non-profit animal protection organizations working to protect all animals- including animals in laboratories farm animals, companion animals and wildlife. Our organization has a strong record of program achievements and serves a critical and expanding role in global efforts to reduce animal suffering. Through fieldwork, policy formation, humane education and direct care and services, our organization has helped advance in the cause in animal welfare in dozens of nations worldwide by protecting street dogs, responding to natural disasters, saving wild animals from abuse, protecting marine mammals, fighting factory farming and striving to end toxicity testing on animals. We are the leading animal advocacy organization seeking a humane world for all animals, including people. Our motto is ‘Celebrating Animals, Confronting Cruelty’.

All Assam Law Students Association is an association of representatives of law students of law colleges of Assam to raise concerns and issues of the welfare of law students in the state.


Humane Society International/ India in collaboration with All Assam Law Students Association, Kamrup (M) is organizing a regional webinar on the topic ” Hope for Farm Animals” on the event of 75th Independence day. The webinar series focus upon the importance of farm animal welfare for a better & sustainable future not only for animals but also for public health & the betterment of our planet. In the 21st century we all know about the conditions of factory farms, but still we are searching for sustainable solutions. Through this series, we will discuss the dismal condition of farm animals in intensive confinement & sustainable solution for a better future for animals, public health and our mother earth!

The programme includes lecture series and Poster/Slogan writing competition.


Ms. Noyonika Gogoi

State Campaigner (Assam), Eat Kind India Campaign, HSI/India

Date: 13h August, 2021

Time: 4 PM

Dr. Ranjan Kumar Kakati

Director, Student’s Welfare, Gauhati University

Date: 14th August, 2021

Time: 12 PM

Dr. Parthankar Choudhury

Professor, Assam University, Silchar (Department of Ecology and Environmental Science)

Date: 20th August, 2021

Time: 4 PM

Platform: Google Meet


Lecture series: https://forms.gle/c6yD7Nyxy12sfeT19

Poster and slogan writing competition: https://forms.gle/Jk7Sui5BDpjwALpz5

Theme: “Our hope for Far Animals to celebrate Independence Day.”

Certificates of participation will be given, and winners of slogan/poster competition will be awarded eco-friendly products.


Noyonika Gogoi (Eat Kind Campaign, HSI/India): 8471872094 (Call/Whatsapp) or,

Aditya Trivedi (Asst. General Secretary, AALSA Kamrup (M)):  8120889800