Issue of summons by the Delhi High Court to SCBA and BCI over the removal of Advocate Ashok Arora from the post of Secretary of SCBA:

A single Judge Bench of Justice Mukta Gupta issued summons to the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) and Bar Council of India in the matter of removing Advocate Ashok Arora from the post of Secretary, Supreme Court Bar Association and such notices be issued in challenging such removal.

Arora’s contentions were that his removal is void-ab-initio and ultravires to the rules and regulations of the SCBA and prayed that the resolution taken by the Executive Council of SCBA be quashed over his removal taken on May 8. Arora earlier obtained a decree of permanent injunction regards the performance of the duties duly assigned to act as secretary of the SCBA.

Earlier this year Advocate Ashok Arora moved upon a matter to remove the President of SCBA, Dushyant Dave from his post alleging him being considerably exploiting the power of his position by indulging in political agenda’s. On May 8 while communicating to the members of SCBA that the EGM was adjourned sine die and on the same day, the Executive Council resolved for the removal of Ashok Arora from the post of Secretary by majority in the SCBA with immediate effect.

Engrossing such a decision by the SCBA, Executive Council the Bar Council of India stayed the matter for further investigation. In Arora’s suit it was urged by him to implement the decision of Bar Council of India. 

Senior Advocate Rakesh Tiku with Advocates Arun Bhatta, Neha Kumari appeared for Arora.

Senior Advocates Rajiv Nayar, Arvind Nigam with Advocates Kartik Nayar, Rishi Aggarwal represented SCBA.

Advocates Rajdipa Bahura, Preet Pal Singh, and Saurabh Sharma represented BCI.

The matter is said to be heard next on August 6.

By Rajat Verma

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