Master Draftsman Competition by Indore Institute Of Law: Register By Jun 14

About Indore Institute of Law

Indore Institute of Law was established in 2003 with a similar vision of creating a community of like-minded individuals that have the vision to bring innovation & development in the field of legal education by sharing in-depth knowledge of the law and understanding the growing demands of the legal industry. The Institute creates a conducive environment of learning with a theoretical & empirical approach. With an awe-inspiring combination of legal values and managerial skills, the Indore Institute of Law has come to become an Institute well recognized for its long record of academic excellence and the innovative learning approach being offered with an objective to achieve dynamic training & teaching process.

The Institute believes in the holistic development of students by providing practical training & exposure in addition to the required classroom learning model. The Institute delivers University toppers every year while providing opportunities for prominent placements, national & international exposure via co-curricular & extra-curricular activities while ensuring inculcation of additional learning techniques like workshops, seminars & diploma courses in association with National & International expert authorities.

About Master Draftsman Competition

Indore Institute of Law seeks to engage with the budding lawyers to introduce and encourage the learning of quintessential practical skill set. II Chapter of the Master Draftsman, 2021 – International Negotiation & Drafting Competition is dedicated to the transaction of Transfer of Technology.

The International Negotiation & Drafting Competition will enable students to compare various negotiation approaches and styles used by students from different cultures, traditions, and diverse educational backgrounds and to get a practical understanding of drafting the terms of the negotiation in a legally binding formal document. The significance of the competition is two-fold for law students around the world – Negotiation in commercial transaction forms the core aspect of business, finance, investment, and several other areas of law, it is impertinent for a law student to be well versed in these skills, while at the same time, a law student must be well conversant with the task of drafting a formal legal document. In this competition, the students will be provided a truly diverse and international exposure in the learning of these skills.

Mode of the Competition

  • The competition will be held online.
  • The competition will be of two rounds.
  • In the first round, the participants will negotiate the terms and conditions of the transaction of Transfer of Technology and sale of Covid-19 Vaccines between the Republic of India & the United Kingdom.
  • This is a knock-out round and the winners will be moved forward to the Second Round where they will draft a contract on the basis of the terms and conditioned negotiated in round one.
  • An Introductory Workshop will be conducted on 18.05.2021.


  • Undergraduate students pursuing five-year or three-year courses of law course or any postgraduate student (pursuing LL.M) from any Law School/ College/University recognized by the Bar Council of India.
  • The competition is also open to students pursuing a law degree from any International University.
  • Two teams comprising of single-member per team are allowed to participate from each institution. Only the first 60 teams will be allowed for participation on the basis of first come first serve.

Important Dates

Last Date of Registration14.06.2021
Inauguration & Workshop18.06.2021
Negotiation Round19.06.2021
Valedictory Ceremony20.06.2021

Rules for Submission of the Softcopy of Agreement 

  • The softcopy should be submitted in Word/doc format.
  • The document must be in the following format Font Bookman Old Style Font Size 12 Alignment Justified.
  • The word file shall be named asteamcode_TT_Masterdraftsman2021 and sent to within the allotted timeline.
  • No extension shall be granted to any team.

Registration Process

  • The participants have to pay the registration fee of Rs. 500/- (in words Rupees Five Hundred Only). In any case, the registration fee is non-refundable.
  • The participants can fill the registration form on the link provided on the college website, click here.
  • After the submission of the form, the participants will receive an automated system-generated acknowledgment on the successful submission of registration.
  • You can also register through the form, click here.

Payment Details                                                           

Name: Indore Institute of Law

Account Number: 53001040267

IFSC Code: SBIN0030450

Bank: State Bank of India

Branch: Sch. No. 54, AB Road Indore

The proof of payment of the amount is to be attached to the online registration form. Prior payment of the registration fee is mandatory for completing the online registration form, else the registration form will not be submitted.


  • Master Draftsman 2021                 –                 Rs 7100 & E-Certificate of Merit
  • Runner Up                                        –                 Rs 5100 & E-Certificate of Merit
  • Negotiator Ordinaire                      –                  Rs 3100 & E-Certificate of Merit
  • Every participant will receive a participation certificate.
  • The participants will receive a separate certificate for the workshop.

Contact Details

For any further queries mail at:

Faculty Coordinator(s)-Mrs Kusum Joshi: 9425061587
Mr Naveen Dave: 8109121885 
Student Coordinator(s)-Sakshi Singhal: 9131862996
Paras Nath Choudhary: 7874404359
Faateh Khalid: 7772880007
Krishna Thakur: 9399240433

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