Middle Seat: Mere touch of infected person will not transmit COVID-19 unless nose/ mouth is touched after, Expert Committee tells Bombay HC

The Bombay High Court on Friday passed an interim order directing airlines to follow the May 31 circular of the Civil Aviation ministry that had allowed middle-seats in flights to be occupied, provided that the passenger wears ‘wrap-around’ gowns and the SOPs issued by the DGCA to guard against COVID-19 spread are strictly followed.

The order was passed following a clarification by the Expert Committee formed under the Ministry of Civil Aviation that COVID-19 could be transmitted by inadvertent touch only under certain specific circumstances.

The Committee has clarified that contact with the mouth or nose may heighten chances of COVID-19 transmission. However, an invertent touch to another part of the body or clothing by itself would not transmit the virus.

By Rohan Naik