Author : Yashi of Galgotias University


Cruelty to animals means animal abuse that is knowingly inflicted upon animals by human beings for their own gain. There are several laws to prevent animal cruelty but they are not strict, and not provide higher punishment for the animal cruelty. Judiciary plays a vital role in preventing animal cruelty by imposing higher degree of punishment under Prevention of cruelty to Animal Act, 1960 (PCA) and will not kill harassingly kill innocent animals.


Animal cruelty is the abuse toward or ignore of an animal. Generally means purposefully putting animals in situations that harm, scare them. Most animal cruelty investigations involve large scale operations that victimize hundreds or thousands of animals at a time.

Animal cruelty is real it all happens with every animal in different way and in every area of the world. In every 60 seconds, an animal gets harmed that’s unconscionable, especially in our advance culture.

It’s legal to raise chickens in deplorable conditions for the sole purpose of slaughtering them later. The problem is that aren’t enough people fighting for animal rights.

If everyone started to look at animals not just as dog and cat but as fellow animals who share our planet many instances of animal cruelty result from the desire to make money.

If someone can sell animal meat or by products and make a profit every year, millions of animals are killed in India For the feed of non-vegetarian population and laboratories for medical experiments.

Any animal attacks only if it has been molested first no one attacks without reason even if one feeds food animal on a regular basis, the animal become loyal to that individual. Humans are the one who needs to understand the meaning of humanity and treat animals with respect.

There are several laws in India for prevention of animals but they are not enough and people can’t take this issue seriously because laws are not working in adequate manner and most people are not aware of such legislation.

There are several ways to help and fight back against animal cruelty a great way to learn about the issue, get involved and stay in tune with news and organisation that are also pro animal rights.

Therefore, we as human and in living creature should sympathize with animals and help them achieve a way of living will grant the dignity and wellness. There are several organizations that fight to provide animals with rights and protection from cruelty and neglect.

These interest groups have shown a strong influence amongst state level laws and regulations, which means we as the people have power over the political view of this problem and also give voice to animals they do not have and together give them the rights they deserve.


This study is doctrinal in nature. An attempt has been make an analysis of laws related to animal cruelty are need to be strict. The approach towards the topic is doctrinal and the primary sources used for the purpose are statues and laws relating to animal cruelty. A systematic analysis has also been done by using variety of legal resources.


  • To understand the meaning of animal cruelty and laws related to animal cruelty.
  • To examine critically the position of laws in the society.
  • To suggest the new laws and how to prevent animal cruelty and to educate people about how to treat animals.
  • To provide knowledge about the working NGOs towards animal cruelty.


There are several laws enforced in India to curb the menace of cruelty against animal for the safety, punishment and protection.

There are laws such as Article 48, organisation of agriculture and animal husbandry and Article 51A(g), To protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, and to have compassion for living creatures of Constitution of India and Sec 428, Mischief by killing or maiming animal of the value of ten rupees and Sec 429 of Indian penal code but the most important laws are prevention of cruelty to animal act(PCA) 1960 and wildlife protection act 1972.

We as human and citizen should make the people of our society aware about the situation and innocence of animals and should provide knowledge to treat animals with care.

Also provide food and shelter to street dogs by government shelters and registered firms and NGOs to assure their safety. There is also establishing the NGOs that can work in each and every state separately with no interference of state and animal safety is first priority and also provide funds for the safety of animals.

A great way to start is to learn about the issue and gets involved there is need to implement effective laws for animals banners and posters should be put up at all major areas of the state to spread more awareness among people about how to behave with animals.

Reports of cruelty towards animal should also be taken seriously. So there is need of strict laws in India and provide higher degree of punishment to the people who is guilty of animal cruelty the main cause of animal cruelty is lack of people awareness and also not strict decision taken by the government the main way to prevent animal cruelty by implementing higher laws.


Judiciary can play a vital role in preventing animal cruelty by imposing the stricter punishment under the prevention of cruelty to animals act, 1960 then the people will take care and will not ruthlessly kill innocent animals. In 2011, the prevention of cruelty to animals was amended and renamed as Indian animal welfare act as a need was felt to change the old law.

We as citizen should aware our society and educate them to treat animals with kindness.