New Education Policy (NEP) 2020

New Education Policy 2020

Author : Mohd Aqib Aslam


HRD Ministry renamed as an Educational Ministry. National Educational Technology Forum would be created. M.Phil would be discontinued under NEP 2020. These are the highlights of NEP 2020.

New Education Policy 2020 adopted by the Central Government which creates a beginning of new era of educational reform system. Central Government decided that a huge amount of currency will become medium for implementation of New Education Policy.

Every educational institution shall adopt new policies of Central government for the betterment of student’s life. The New Education Policy gave emphasis on total scientific temper, mathematical thinking, elasticity of inter-disciplinary choice, semester basis higher education and memorizing learning, understanding the concepts and the basics, replacing University Grants Commission, AICTE and NCTE and establishing single higher education regulator.

100 Foreign Colleges In India

Top 100 Foreign colleges to have branch in India according to the HRD Ministry document, listing salient features of the policy such (foreign) universities will be given special dispensation regarding regulatory, governance and content norms on par with other autonomous of India.

UG Colleges To Get More Autonomy

There are over 45,000 affiliated colleges in our country. Under graded autonomy, academic, administration and financial autonomy will be given to the colleges on the basis of the status of their accreditation.

Sanskrit To Be Mainstreamed Language

Sanskrit will be mainstreamed with strong offerings in school including as one of the language options in the three-language formula as well as in the higher education. Sanskrit universities too will move towards becoming large multidisciplinary institutions of higher learning.

IITs Asked To Take Holistic Approach

Even engineering institutions such as IITs will move towards more holistic and multidisciplinary education with more arts and humanities. Students of arts and humanities will aim to learn more science and all will make an effort to incorporate more vocational subjects and soft skills.

Entry and Exist under Education System

Current 10+2 system has been replaced by 5+3+3+4, education school polices undergone major changes. Prior to New Education Policy, educational institutions like schools gave stress on subjective learning but now under this policy objective learning take charge in place of subjective learning. The development of student by its own choice came under this policy. Heavy load of books is not there under this policy. Digital learning, advance courses and objective way of learning now become rules for education system. The process of admission in the Universities also changed. Now same rule exists for public and private educational institutions for admission process. Every student has to clear a common entrance for admission Known as Common Entrance Test.

Changes For Graduation (Four Year Graduation)         

Multiple exist and entry system recommended for graduation students. When First year graduate student leave education then he or she will get certificate course. If someone left education from second year of graduation then he or she will get diploma certificate.

If someone left education in third year then he or she will get bachelor course certificate. One year is added in graduation and the last year is for research. Those students who are research oriented and want to do research then he or she has to complete last year for obtaining graduate degree.

A B C Program

Every student will allotted with a Identity Number and password where the student upload his or her all certificated and all research work including achievement certificate and this remains for life time.

Major And Minor Subjects

Changes recommended in this policy, where a medical student can history subject as a minor subject. So the student can feel freedom of education by this change.

Removal Of M.Phil

Now the M.Phil becomes null and void for education system. There is no need to do M.Phil for taking admission in PhD. Now a student after completing Master degree can went for PhD by clearing NET entrance examination.

The New Education Policy 2020 is based on one theme i.e. the quality education and overall development of the learner. The fee structure is now decided by central government and every institution must came under uniform standards of education.

The steps taken by central government are not possible without the support of the state government. Even every educational institution has to follow the norms with strict requirements and the same way students have to follow their criteria for achieving life goals.