No Longer Senior Advocate – GHCAA President Yatin Oza senior designation withdrawn by Gujarat High Court

The Gujarat High Court has Withdrawn from the Senior Designation from the Advocates Association .

The Development follows that After Gujarat High Court began Suo Moto Disrespected proceedings after he leveled against certain allegations against the Court.

Oza confirmed that he obtained Official Communication by intimating his Senior Advocate that has been taken away. But he refused to Comment that he would be challenging the Communication otherwise he would have to consult.

On June 10, the High Court Bench of Justices Sonia Gokani and NV Anjaria stated that Oza had made the following, among other, accusations against the High Court and its Registry:

1.Corrupt practices are being adopted by the Registry of the High Court of Gujarat;

2.Undue favour is shown to high-profile industrialists and smugglers and traitors;

3.The High Court functioning is for influential and rich people and their advocates;

4.The billionaires walk away with orders from the High Court in two days whereas the poor and non-VIPs need to suffer;

5.If the litigants want to file any matter in the High Court, person has to be either Mr Khambhata or the builder or the company. This also was circulated in Gujarati daily Sandesh titled as ‘Gujarat High Court has become a gambling den – Yatin Oza.

Court orally expressed its disinclination to entertain the plea.

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