Order to form SIT in case of fatal attack on lawyer to investigate the matter

By- Adv. Rishabh Kumar Mishra

After a dispute over parking, the Patna High Court has ordered the formation of an SIT (Special Investigation Team) to investigate an alleged assault on lawyers residing on rented premises by some hooligans accompanying the house owner. Justice Vivek Choudhary, while hearing the petition of advocate Abhishek Kumar Srivastava, stated that the SIT should consist of two police officers below the rank of S.D.P.O. and should not be affiliated with the Jakkanpur police station.

The investigation will be conducted under the supervision of an SSP. The court also directed that police officers associated with the Jakkanpur police station should remain separate from the ongoing investigation. Shailendra Kumar Singh, the president of the Advocates Association, and Ravi Raj informed that the SSP has been requested to secure the CCTV footage of the area and the Jakkanpur police station.

This development follows a violent incident involving lawyers and local goons in connection with a disagreement over car parking, prompting the court to intervene for a thorough investigation.”