Plea In HC Against Delhi Government Restraining Testing Of Asymptomatic Patients: COVID -19

The Delhi Government in June 2 order had allowed the testing of only symptomatic persons , and asymptomatic individuals are restricted from being tested . The plea is likely to be heard on June 9.

Another plea was filed in the Delhi HC by an ENT doctor ,Manni Hingorani , seeking to test asymptomatic patients who are going in for surgery. Both matters are likely to be heard on June 9.The order also restricted the testing for direct and high risk contacts only to those who are diabetic , hypertension or cancer and are senior citizen.

The Chief Minister had assured citizens there was no shortage of hospital beds in capital for COVID-19 patients .The changes make it more difficult for asymptomatic people that have been exposed to infected people to be tested.

By-Shrija Chauhan of LCD