Prayer made to Chief Justice of India regarding over pricing by shop keepers in time of COVID-19

A Letter is written to CJI by Advocate Yash jain, Advocate Gautam Mishra and Anchit Jain, a 4th year student of ICFAI Law School Dehradun regarding the rampant practice of overpricing by shopkeepers in the time of COVID-19 and the consequent issue of violation of Rights.

The letter is against the unfair trade practices by the traders during the time of this pandemic COVID-19. Traders are selling the essential commodities above the MRP rate and also not providing bills for the transactions. These matters have been widely reported. Such practice is violating the Consumer rights and Fundamental Rights. 
The letter seeks directions, for successfully regulating the market against such unfair trade practice of overpricing, We stated that, the court may be pleased to pass the appropriate strict guidelines for the Shopkeepers to furnish the bills against the sale of any commodity or services.

The same guidelines may be required especially in the unorganized sector which has the majority of the Indian market and where the mode of transaction is more customized. The commodities in the above mentioned sector deal with loose products as well and thus, it is vital to regulate the billing process in this particular sector.