Rajya Sabha passes National Commission for allied and Healthcare professionals Bill.

Author: Shivani Sinha

Rajya Sabha on March 16, 2021 passed a bill for Regulation and maintenance of education and services of allied and Healthcare professionals through a voice vote.

National Commission for allied and Healthcare professionals bill 2020.

The bill was introduced by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, on September 15, 2020.

Parliamentary committee recommended 110 recommendations for the said bill. To which the government accepted 102 recommendations, 6 were accepted with little bit of modifications while the rest of the two recommendations were not accepted.

Further, Dr. Harshvardhan said that the government knows that there is a worldwide demand and for that purpose, this bill will create an institutional structure to expand employability. The bill will provide benefits to existing 8 to 9 lakh allied and Healthcare professionals. A wide range of workers for diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of chronic diseases are included in the Allied and Healthcare professionals group. He added that it was necessary to implement new ways of deploying health workers, strengthening the workforce by task – shifting models and improving access to Quality Services.

The National Commission will perform the following functions :-
  1. Frame policies and standard for regulating education and practice,
  2. Maintain an online Central register of all registered professionals,
  3. Provide basic standards of Education, courses, examination, training, and
  4. Provide for a uniform entrance and exit examination among others.
National Commission for allied and Healthcare professions :-

The bill proposes to set up a national commission for allied and Healthcare professionals to consist of

  • Chairperson
  • A vice chairperson
  • Five members at joint secretary level representing various Central Ministries and their department
  • One representative from the directorate General of Health Services
  • 3 Deputy Director of Medical superintendent appointed on a rotational basis from amongst medical institutions
  • 12 part-time members representing state Council or charitable Institutions etc.
State councils :-

Apart from the National Commission the bill also contemplated establishment of Council at state level within 6 months from the passage of the bill to regulate allied and Healthcare professionals.

The state Council will consist

  • of the chairperson with at least 25 year of experience in the field,
  • 1 member representing Medical Sciences in the state government,
  • Two member representing state medical colleges,
  • Two member representing charitable institutions,
  • Two members from each of the recognise category of allied and Healthcare professions, nominated by the state government.
  • The state Council will in force professional conduct and code of ethics to be observed by allied Healthcare professionals
  • Maintain respective date register
  • Inspector allied and Healthcare Institutions and
  • Ensure uniform entry and exit examinations.