Rakul Preet Singh moves Delhi High Court seeking to restrain media from linking her to drugs case

Bollywood actoress Rakul Preet Singh has moved the Delhi High Court in connection with a drug investigation that emerged after the demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, seeking immediate interim directions from the media to stop or publish articles against the show.

The petition, filed through advocates Himanshu Yadav, Aman Hingorani and Shweta Hingorani, claimed that Rakul Preet had been in Hyderabad to shoot a film and was surprised to see media reports on the evening of 29 September that the Narcotics Control Bureau, Mumbai has been summoned to appear before him in Mumbai on September 24 in

The petitioner had not received any such summons from NCB at his Hyderabad or Mumbai address and accordingly he remained in Hyderabad. The petitioner’s father Colonel Kulwinder Singh (retired) decided to take the morning flight on 24.9.2020.

The petition states that on September 24 at 11.20 am, the petitioner received summons through WhatsApp in Hyderabad on September 23 under section 67 of the NDPS Act stating that he was produced before NCB, Mumbai on September 24 at 10 am had to happen.

The petition stated that on 24 September it was told to the NCB that the petitioner came to know that the case in which he is to appear has been recorded as crime number MZU / NCB / 15/2020.

Earlier, Rakul approached the High Court to ask the media not to telecast, publish or circulate on TV channels, cable, print or social media, as the case may be, any content in reference to the actress Riya Chakraborty misbehaves or defames the petitioner in the narcotics case or in which anything defamatory, intentional, false and suggestive and half-hearted in relation to the petitioner is true or sensational headlines, photographs, video-footage or social media links. To use is to invade the privacy of the petitioner.

Issuing notice on the said petition, a single-judge bench of the High Court headed by Justice Naveen Chawla had said, Some restraint has to be maintained. The media itself gets information even before the authorities. The reputation is getting bleak.

The bench had further said that it is expected that the media house and TV channel will moderate and follow the program code and other guidelines while making any report regarding Rakul Preet Singh.

The case is expected to come up for hearing in the coming week.

By Priya Kumari