The Supreme Court has strongly objected to the lawyer asking for a date in the case

The Supreme Court has strongly objected to the lawyer asking for a date in the case. The court has said that the right answer for seeking dates from the lawyers is live streaming of the court so that people will know who is taking time and why the dates are being taken in the case. In a case filed in 2018, the court has made this comment on the demand of date on behalf of the lawyer.

In a bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud of the Supreme Court, the lawyer associated with the case told the court that the next date should be given in the matter. When Justice Chandrachud asked the reason, it was told that the counsel appearing for the argument was ill, so the date should be given. Then Justice Chandrachud said that you cannot argue yourself, then he said that he has not come with preparation and he will not be able to cooperate with the court. Then when asked about the AOR (Advocate on Record), it was said that he too was not in a position to argue.

During this, Justice Chandrachud said that thousands of cases are pending. Who will say that the case is pending because the counsel appearing for the argument is not arguing. Lawyers use their juniors and juniors are not prepared for arguments. In such a situation the court becomes helpless. The only solution is to hear one of the parties and give the verdict, but the court does not want to do so. Such games are played for the date.

Justice Chandrachud did not stop there. He said that when there is live streaming, people sitting in the society will see why the dates are being held. The judges sit for the hearing in the court from 10.30 am to 4 pm and they come with full preparation. During this, only dates are sought in many cases, while the court wants the matter to be heard. Who is responsible for delay in trial? only on court? Or on a lawyer? We read the case every night and come after seeing the case. But due to date there is no result.