Recent changes by state government in the application of labour law

Changes made by UP Government

UP govt. Has taken bold steps and suspended almost all labour laws including minimum wages act for next workers and violates fundamental rights. It might also create an environment for exploitation. This might lead to turn existing formal workers into informal workers without any social security .

Changes made by MP Government 

MP Govt. announced some reform to revive the economic crisis caused by the outbreak of coronavirus by extending working hours from present 8 to 12 hours 72 hours in a week in industries units. Also, the shops can stay open from 6 to 12 midnight. Registration and licence will be for 10 years rather than 1 year. All the precautions will be taken like overcrowding and ensure social distancing.

Changes made by Maharashtra government 

All the shops and factories are asked to submit consolidated annual returns instead of multiple return various labour laws. Also, made some changes and exemptions which comes with a set of conditions that overtime should be double the normal wages, a shift cannot go beyond 12 hours,and, including a rest period cannot exceed 13 hours and total working hours in a week cannot be more than 60 hours. No overtime is allowed for seven consecutive days and overtime cannot exceed 115 hours.

By Rohan Naik