Second petition filed against Congress in Rajasthan HC, on ground of merger of BSP MLA’s.

A day after Rajasthan High Court dismissed first plea, Madan Dilawar one of the leaders of BJP has today filed a second petition there by challenging the merger of six BSP MLA’s in High Court of Rajasthan. He also said in yesterday’s interview that his plea against merger was solely decided by speaker without hearing him.

Day before Dilawar was also spotted sitting on protest in Vidhan Sabha secretary’s office, demanding the copy of the order given by Rajasthan speaker on pretext of merger of six BSP MLA’s.

Dilawar’s purpose behind this petition is to get order from High Court which may lead to quash of this merger of six BSP MLA’s with congress party because this merger is helping the ruling party to gain majority in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.