Stealing sweets of a child is not a crime: The judge acquitted the accused child and said – stealing Makhaan is a Baal leela, so how is it a crime to steal sweets?

A juvenile accused of stealing sweets from a neighbor’s fridge was acquitted by a juvenile court on Thursday.  Along with this, advice was given to the police and the complainant side.  The court said, ‘Theft of Makhaan is a Baal leela, so how is it a crime to steal sweets?’

Juvenile Chief Magistrate Manvendra Mishra said, “We have to be tolerant and tolerant in the matter of children.  Some of their mistakes have to be understood that under what circumstances the child got disoriented.  Once we understand the child’s compulsion, circumstance, social status, the society itself will be ready to come forward and help to curb these petty crimes.

Taking a stern remark on this matter, the Chief Magistrate said, ‘In our Sanatan culture, the baal leela of God has been depicted.  Many times Lord Krishna used to steal maakhan from other’s house and eat it and also used to break the pot.  If there was a society like today’s society then there would not have been a story of Bal Leela.  It has also been said in the order that if the neighbor is hungry, sick, helpless, then instead of cursing the government, we have to take initiative according to our capability.

Police did not have to FIR

The judge also said that under the Bihar Juvenile Justice Act 2017, the police should have registered this case in the Daily General Diary instead of FIR in this case.  If the offense is of simple nature and there is only confirmation of the commission of the juvenile, then there is no FIR in such a case.  The judge has asked the District Child Protection Unit to ensure that the juvenile remains safe.  He should not be compelled to commit the offense again because of any misbehavior or misbehavior.

Family is suffering

During counselling, Child told the magistrate, ‘My father was a bus driver.  His spinal cord was broken in the accident.  He has been on the bed since then.  Mother is mentally ill.  There is no earner in the family.  The mother is not able to get treatment due to shortage.  Nana and maternal uncle are dead.  Grandmother is very old.  My parents are helpless to come to court.  Now I will not do this anymore.