Supreme Court dismisses petition seeking ban on Halal slaughter

Today the Supreme Court refused to hear a petition seeking a ban on killing animals for meat in a halal manner.

The apex court said that the petition appeared to be mischievous. The petition has been filed by Akhand Bharat Morcha.

Advocates asserted that section 3 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960  makes it the duty of every person to care for or be in charge of any animal causing pain or suffering to the animal take all appropriate measures to ensure that such methods are prevented.

Section 11 (1) makes it a punishable offense if someone kills an animal or kills any animal including stray dogs by brutally injecting it into the heart or using any other unnecessarily strikin injection  and Section 28 allows the killing of an animal in any manner in accordance with the religion of any community or for any religious ritual. 

The technique of halal is by a skilled person belonging to a particular community . 

This requires the animal to survive until the last drop of blood. It is much more painful than a jerk which involves a stroke in the spinal cord, causing the animal to die instantly, he emphasized.  Even when he urged that such a practice which is against humanity cannot be allowed to continue, the bench dismissed the petition as mischievous.

By Priya Kumari