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Mercy Petition- A Last Hope

Mercy Petition Author :- Prity Kumari, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya Introduction Mercy Petition is a way through which the innocent person tries to get justice if he is being punished due to the miscarriage of justice or in cases of doubtful conviction. It may be absolute or conditional. It is absolute in the


CHILD MOLESTATION Author :- Syeda Khizra Rizvi, Indian Institute of Legal Studies, Siliguri, West Bengal. Introduction Child molestation as per the definition given by UNICEF, violence can be physical and mental abuse and injury, neglect or negligent treatment, exploitation and sexual abuse. Violence can ake place in homes, schools, orphanages, residential care facilities, on the

Strict Direction by Rajasthan High Court, Not to mention Caste in Judicial Administrative Matters.

The Hon’ble High Court of Rajasthan today issued a notice against mentioning of caste of any person, including the accused or convict, in any judicial or administrative matter.The direction was issued after controversy arose over the mention of a bail applicant’s caste in the cause title of the same High Court order passed last week.