The Madras High Court initiated the transfers of the 3 policemen for a fair investigation of the Sathankulam Custodial deaths case:

The Madhurai bench of Madras High Court took a suo moto cognizance against the 3 policemen who were held responsible for the custodial deaths of Jeyaraj and his son Bennix. Those police officers were accused of obstructing the proceedings conducted by the magistrate. The said police officials are ordered to be presented before the court at 10:30 on Tuesday.

Justices PN Prakash and B Pugalendi were referring the e-mail forwarded by the Magistrate No. 1, Kovilpatti. The Bench clearly observed from the reading of the e-mail that the district police administration is doing everything in its power to prevent the magistrate from acting judicially e and a justified manner.

The Tuticorin D Kumar(ASP), C Prathapan (DSP) and M Maharajan (Constable) are under close perusal of being scrutinized.

The Court was informed that after the ASP and DSP presented themselves before the Sathankulam Police Station, in their very presence the other police officials were taking videos of the Magisterial proceedings. The police officials denied to offer all the documents which were needed to be presented for the institution of the caseĀ  when called upon by the learned Magistrate and there was a disrespecting remark by the constable M Maharajan to the learned Magistrate in open Court which is a sheer shame on the functioning of the Police administration.

The Bench was considerably of the view of initiating the transfers of al the respective officials to another police station for a clear and justified investigation of the deaths of Jeyaraj and Bennix.

The two Jeyaraj and Bennix were arrested on June 19 citing the violation of curfew in the Times of Covid-19. A judicial inquiry is instituted into their deaths, under section 176, CrPC. The Court was of the view to transfer the investigation towards CBI and lated today the Tamil Nadu Government initiating the same action of the Court.

By Rajat Verma of MMDU

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