The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2019

Author : Riya Singh Chauhan (Amity University, Rajasthan)


The surrogacy (Regulation) bill 2019 defines surrogacy as a observe wherever a girl provides birth to a baby for Associate in Nursing intending couple with the intention at hand over the kid once the birth to the intending couple.

Surrogacy is wherever a girl becomes pregnant with the intention of delivering the kid to some other person once biological process. Generally, she carries the baby for some or parent WHO cannot conceive a baby themselves – they’re called “intended parents”.

There area unit 2 sorts of surrogacy. In ancient surrogacy, the surrogate mother’s egg is employed, creating her the genetic mother. In physiological condition surrogacy, the egg is provided by the supposed mother or a donor. The egg is inseminated through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and so placed within the female parent.

The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019 was introduced by the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan in Lok Sabha on July fifteen, 2019. The Bill defines surrogacy as a observe wherever a girl provides birth to a baby for Associate in Nursing intending couple with the intention at hand over the kid once the birth to the intending couple.

Regulation of surrogacy: The Bill prohibits business surrogacy, however permits altruistic surrogacy. altruistic surrogacy refers to those surrogacy agreements wherever the surrogate doesn’t receive financial compensation. In most altruistic surrogacy agreements, the surrogate may be a shut relevance the supposed oldsters (family member/close friend). a billboard physiological condition surrogacy agreement includes a surrogate compensation package that is designed to suit every surrogate’s distinctive state of affairs. The surrogate compensation agreement details a pre-determined set up whereby the supposed oldsters conform to cowl medical prices, travel expenses, legal expenses, and different potential expenses which will arise throughout the journey

A certificate of essentiality are issued upon fulfilment of the subsequent conditions: (i) a certificate of tested physiological state of 1 or each members of the intending couple from a part Medical Board; (ii) Associate in Nursing order of parentage and custody of the surrogate kid lapsed a Magistrate’s court; and (iii) coverage for a amount of sixteen months covering postnatal delivery complications for the surrogate.

The certificate of eligibility to the intending couple is issued upon fulfilment of the subsequent conditions: (i) the couple being Indian voters and married for a minimum of 5 years; (ii) between twenty three to fifty years recent (wife) and twenty six to fifty five years recent (husband); (iii) they are doing not have any living kid (biological, adopted or surrogate); this might not embody a baby WHO is mentally or physically challenged or suffers from life threatening disorder or fatal illness; and (iv) different conditions which will be nominative by laws.

Eligibility criteria for surrogate mother: to get a certificate of eligibility from the suitable authority, the female parent has got to be: (i) a detailed relative of the intending couple; (ii) a mate having a baby of her own; (iii) twenty five to thirty five years old; (iv) a surrogate just the once in her lifetime; and (v) possess a certificate of medical and psychological fitness for surrogacy.  Further, the female parent cannot offer her own gametes for surrogacy.

Appointment of applicable Authorities

Overall observation of all the activities area unit needed then the role of such authorities comes in situ. There shall be National Surrogacy Board (NSB) and therefore the State Surrogacy Board (SSB) that shall be accepted by the Central and therefore the State Governments. The central Associate in Nursing regime have the ability to appoint one or a lot of applicable authorities inside ninety days of the bill implementing into an act

The major functions of such committees shall be:

1. Granting, Suspending or Cancelling registration of surrogacy clinics

2. Implementing Standards for surrogacy clinics

3. Work and take applicable action against the one who violates the provisions

It is conjointly to be noted that the surrogacy clinics doesn’t have the ability or procedure to undertake surrogacy connected procedures unless they’re registered by the suitable authority for the present good.

Further Rules and laws of the Bill 2019

It more elaborates that {a kid|a toddler|a baby} born out of a surrogacy procedure shall be deemed to be the biological child of the intending couple. It more says that the bill has safeguards inbuilt against sex choice of the baby. It shall be a punishable offence.

The bill conjointly covers the subsequent offences to be lined underneath the same bill of 2019-

1. Endeavour or advertising business surrogacy

2. Exploiting the female parent

3. Abandoning, Exploiting or renunciation a surrogate kid

4. commercialism or commerce human embryo or gametes for surrogacy.For the above-named offences there’s a penalty provision of imprisonment up to 10 Years and a fine up to 10 lakhs rupees.

According to the statement, India has emerged as a surrogacy hub for couples from totally different countries for past few years. “Due to lack of legislation to manage surrogacy, the observe of surrogacy has been used by surrogacy clinics, that ends up in rampant business surrogacy and unethical practices…,” it noted.

The various reports claim that there’s immense exploitation of Surrogate mothers. Girls are forced to perform this observe because of the dearth of cash and one in all the most important reasons is economic condition. They realise it tough to feed their families and because of that they’re being forced mentally to interact in observe of surrogacy. In step with Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) surrogacy is $2.3 billion trade. As per the 228th Report of the Law commission it counselled Prohibition of business surrogacy. This idea prevents the style surrogacy. Business surrogacy is employed for the trafficking functions likewise. Business surrogacy that is allowed in few countries like Russia, Ukraine, California, Etc. The prime objective is to save lots of the family from obtaining distorted and keeping in mind the Indian attribute.

The government needs to guard itself from the allegations that was raised from the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill of 2019 and because of that the cupboard has recently passed the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2020. The majority the aspects are punctually coated within the aforementioned bill and also the government is creating in a way or another creating a trial to prevent the exploitation on the female parent. The government needs to hit arduous on the $2.3 billion trade and make sure that this trade stop to exist in future. The government doesn’t need to play with the feelings of the female parent and make sure that business surrogacy is totally illegal all told aspects.

Regulation bill 2020

The Union cupboard on weekday approved the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2020, permitting a “willing” lady to be a female parent and proposing that the Bill would profit widows and unmarried girls besides barren Indian couples.

The Cabinet approved the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill once incorporating the recommendations of a Rajya Sabha commission, Minister Prakash Javadekar aforementioned at a group discussion on weekday.

The fifteen major changes advised by the 23-member committee to the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019, additionally enclosed deleting the definition of “infertility” because the inability to conceive once 5 years of unprotected intercourse on the bottom that it had been too long a amount for a few to attend for a baby.

The Bill proposes to manage surrogacy by establishing a National Surrogacy Board and State Surrogacy Boards and applicable authorities within the States and Union Territories severally. The planned insurance protect a female parent has currently been enhanced to thirty six months from sixteen months earlier.

  • It provides for the constitution of surrogacy boards at the national likewise as state levels to confirm effective regulation.
  • It seeks to permit moral selfless surrogacy to the intending barren Indian marriage between the age of 23-50 years for females and 26-55 years for males.
  • Only Indian couples will choose surrogacy within the country.
  • It makes it necessary for the couple to get a certificate of importance and additionally a certificate of eligibility before going ahead with surrogacy.
  • It additionally provides that intending couples shouldn’t abandon the kid born out of surrogacy below any condition. The newborn kid shall be entitled to all or any rights and privileges that are on the market to a natural kid.
  • The Bill additionally seeks to manage the functioning of surrogacy clinics. All surrogacy clinics within the country got to be registered by the acceptable authority so as to undertake surrogacy or its connected procedures.
  • The Bill provides for numerous safeguards for surrogate mothers. one in all them is amount.
  • It additionally specifies that no sex choice are often done once it involves surrogacy

Conclusion & Suggestion

Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019 has been discussed at various level whether it is government or other level but all the aspects of surrogacy have not been discussed in the said bill. Many aspects in relation to this must be addressed so that in the time to come it becomes a valuable asset. There is a clash of ideas between the government and the experts in that domain. As per the latest news in the month of Feb 2020, the cabinet has approved the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2020 which now includes divorced and widowed persons besides infertile Indian couples. The Bill of 2020 also increased the :

  1. Insurance cover of surrogate mother from 16 months to 36 months.

2. Re-Examination of the Provisions of the said bill is required by the government and all other stakeholders.

3. Special Correspondent, “Cabinet Approves Surrogacy Bill” The Hindu, Feb 26, 2020

4. It is also to ensure that there is effective implementation of the provisions of the bill.

5. There should be no delay in the due process of law and punitive punishments may also be

6. Tendered on such violators.

7. The actual need of the hour to have discussion on the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill so that all the relevant aspects in relation to it are properly addressed.