Top Paid Lawyers in India

Here’s a list of famous lawyers in India along with some details about each:

  1. Ram Jethmalani:
    • Renowned for his expertise in criminal law.
    • Known for handling high-profile cases.
    • Former Union Law Minister.
  2. Soli Sorabjee:
    • Eminent constitutional expert.
    • Served as the Attorney General of India.
    • Advocate for human rights and civil liberties.
  3. Fali S. Nariman:
    • Leading constitutional and corporate lawyer.
    • Former President of the Bar Association of India.
    • Recipient of the Padma Vibhushan.
  4. Mukul Rohatgi:
    • Former Attorney General of India.
    • Specializes in corporate and constitutional law.
    • Notable for handling major corporate cases.
  5. Ashok Desai:
    • Senior advocate and former Attorney General.
    • Known for his contributions to constitutional law.
    • Has served as the Solicitor General of India.
  6. Sidharth Luthra:
    • Renowned criminal lawyer.
    • Notable for handling white-collar crime cases.
    • Regularly appears in high-profile matters.
  7. Sushil Kumar:
    • Prominent criminal lawyer.
    • Known for handling significant criminal cases.
    • Awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award.
  8. Shanti Bhushan:
    • Eminent lawyer and former Law Minister.
    • Co-founder of the prominent law firm, ‘Bhushan & Bhushan.’
    • Advocate for judicial reforms.
  9. Pinky Anand:
    • Senior advocate and former Additional Solicitor General.
    • Expertise in constitutional and civil matters.
    • Active in public service and women’s issues.
  10. Kapil Sibal:
    • Senior advocate and politician.
    • Former Union Minister for Law and Justice.
    • Known for his contributions to constitutional law.
  11. Harish Salve:
    • Prominent lawyer with expertise in constitutional and corporate law.
    • Former Solicitor General of India.
    • Recognized for his international arbitration work.
  12. Aryaman Sundaram:
    • Senior advocate known for civil and constitutional matters.
    • Has appeared in several landmark cases.
    • Well-regarded for his legal acumen.
  13. K.K. Venugopal:
    • Current Attorney General of India.
    • Distinguished career in constitutional and civil matters.
    • Padma Vibhushan awardee.
  14. KTS Tulsi:
    • Senior advocate and Member of Parliament.
    • Known for his expertise in criminal law.
    • Advocates for legal reforms.