Uttarakhand High court seeks answers from Governments on Virtual Postmortem in place of Manual Postmortem.

The High Court on Wednesday heard a public interest litigation filed for conducting post-mortem in a virtual way.  After hearing the matter, the division bench has asked the Center and the state government to file their replies within four weeks.  The hearing was held in a division bench of Justice Sharad Kumar Sharma and Justice Alok Kumar Verma.

This petition has been filed on behalf of Rishabh Kumar Mishra, Ritu Raj and Aditya Srivastava.  It states that at present the procedure being followed for the post-mortem is wrong and inhuman.

When MRI, CT scan can be virtual in the COVID era, why can’t post-mortem be virtual?  When all the means are available, the post-mortem of the dead body can also be virtual.  Adopting this process will also save time and money.  It was said on behalf of the petitioners that they also sent a representation to the Union Law Minister in the matter, but no satisfactory reply was received.

The Petitioners also submitted to the Hon’ble Court about the ill-effects of adhering to the traditional format and procedures of performing manual autopsy on the deceased body by throwing light on the many advantages of using modern day techniques to perform autopsy which are better and equally efficient to get the job done and much less harmful to the person and privilege of the deceased.