A Dalit Girl was allegedly raped and strangled in Barabanki

Now a days , Rape cases are increasing day by day. The country should bring some special laws to protect the girl’s child. 

In UP, A girl who is 19 year old has gone in her field for doing work as she used to go their. In Wednesday she found dead in their agricultural field In Barabanki, district Uttar Pradesh.

After that her father’s call police and tell about her daughter. The police visited the village and gather evidences before lodging an FIR. The superintendent of police sent body to post- mortem.

After the report is out, its confirmed that the women was raped and strangled before she died. After that police has Lodged or registered an FIR under section 302 Of IPC and later sec 376 ie., rape section was also added in it. After that the body was sent for autopsy. No further information is given upto . 

Proof :- 

It means that the person who has witnessed or who is sharing the incident ie., the procedure is that it should be signed by the person who is telling and it should be hand written, then only it will be accepted otherwise not. 

Case laws:- 

Mathura rape case ¹ she is a young tribal girl who was allegedly raped by two policeman on Desaiganj police station in Maharashtra. 

Park street rape case ² A girl name Suzette Jordan was gangraped at gunpoint inside a moving car and then she was thrown out of the vehicle on park street at night.

After nine months, the three accused were on trial un the cases were pronounced guilty. 

Nirbhaya case³ It was most notorious of all rape cases has to be the Delhi gang rape of 2012. The girl named Jyoti Singh was raped by six men while she was traveling in a bus with her friend at night.

The girl was brutally violated by an iron rod and later she died due to major injuries in her body. After that all the culprits were in the front of the court. One of the culprit named Ram Singh commit suicide in jail. Other four were given death sentenced and the juvenile one was sent to remand home. 

1 -26 th march 1972 

2 – 5th February 2012 

3 – 16 th December 2012 

Conclusion :- 

I want to conclude by saying that the sex education should be compulsory and necessary for students to be known as because it helps young people to reduce the risk of negative outcomes. It helps to develop decision making skills that will prove invaluable over life.