Justice Sanjiv Khanna commented on Saturday that there is a gap between what is taught in law schools and what happens in the litigation practice and to bridge this gap it is important to do self study.

Justice Khanna said during one of his online lectures that “Perseverance is not a long race, it is many short races one after the other: Lessons for a young lawyer.”

When a lawyer is before the court they are expected not only to be thorough with the facts but the Supreme Court Judge said that lawyers are expected to know the law and the procedures well. That is every young lawyer must study the procedure that are applicable before Civil and Criminal Courts.

“Oratory skill is an important attribute for a lawyer, oratory is an art to be cultivated and worked upon for advocacy. I cannot overstate the importance of practice.”

“Self-improvement and character-building exercises are very important for young lawyers. As was observed by Late Mr. Ashok Desai ‘if you over celebrate your victories, you will have to over mourn your losses.”

In addition to the knowledge of law, a lawyer must also possess the skill to simplify the law for their client and have the skill to explain the case to the Court as a teacher. Lawyers often need to display courage especially in countries with authoritarian regimes.

By Kriti