Author: Rishabh

Cyber Courts: Need for Today’s Reality

Cyber Security is a shared responsibility, and it boils down to this: In Cyber Security, the more systems we secure, the more secure we all are Jeh Johnson Author :- Tufel Sharif  Introduction of the Cyber World: In the modern world, there is tremendous advancement in the technology and the discovery of the internet has


Author :- Kirti Sharma Indian Corporations especially those belonging to traditional business families, the concept of business is very traditional have shown remarkable resilience and capacity for adapting themselves to the changing industrial environment. But now a time has come when mere adaptive mixing of traditional and modern business practices may no longer suffice. Their

Tug of war between Resignation by legislators and Disqualification by Speaker.

Author :- Himanshu Anand Apex Court in its November 2019 pronouncement in Shrimath Balasaheb Patil v The Hon’ble Speaker, Karnataka legislative assembly & others held that if cause of defection arises before the resignation is tendered then speaker shall decide defection proceeding first and can withhold the resignation for a reasonable period. Bench headed by

Female Foeticide: Height of Savagery

Author :- Simarpreet saluja It’s sarcasm that even within the world of the 21st century; Homo sapiens are still keeping up with their gender biases and are working towards brutalities like female foeticide and infanticide. Ever puzzled how the arena could be like without women and girls? Do these murderers who do female foeticide even

First Virtual National Research Paper Writing Competition, 2020 By ICFAI University Dehradun

We’re pleased to invite you for the ‘1st Virtual National Research Paper Writing Competition, 2020’organized by ICFAI Law School, The ICFAI University, Dehradun in association with ATHARVA LEGAL Law Firm. THEME: Commercial Arbitration Pertaining to Sports Law SUB-THEMES• Dispute Resolution Mechanism followed by International sporting entities.• Issues faced by parties post an arbitral award is