Case Summary : State of Tamil Nadu Vs Suhas Katti – Cyber law case in India

Author : Alisha Rahman

Case briefing.

Magistrate found the accused guilty of offence under section 469, 509 IPC and 67 of IT act 2000. He was sentenced  to rigorous imprisonment  for 2 years under 469 IPC  and to pay a fine of Rs. 500/-, one year simple  imprisonment  and Rs.500 fine under section  509 IPC  and 2 years imprisonment  with  a fine of  Rs. 4,000 under section 67 of IT act 2000 . All sentence where to run concurrently.

Title & citation. Tamil Nadu v. Suhas  katti In the AMM court ,Egmore ( cc No. 4680 of 2004

Bench. 1. Anulrj  (CCM ) ,Egmore .

Procedural History.  It is the only unique case achieving conviction within short span of 7 months from filling FIR.  The Chennai cybercrime cell achieved the conviction. This case is landmark case in history of cybercrime management.


  1. Tamil Nadu v. Suhas katti was the 1st case in India where a conviction with the posting of obscene message of the internet.
  2. In the case , a women  complained  to the police  about a man  who was sending  her obscene , defamatory  and annoying  massages in a Yahoo  Massage  Group .
  3. The accused also forwarded emails received in a fake account opened by him in the victim’s Name.
  4. The victim also received phone calls by people who believed she was soliciting for sex work.

Charge. The accused then started harassing the victim online.  On March 24, 2004

 A change sheet was filed under section 67 of IT Act 2000, 469 & 509 IPC before the Metropolitan Magistrate in Egmore, Chennai.

Analysis.  The case of suhas katti is notable for the fact that the conviction was achieved successfully. All relevant circumstances, to read matter contained or embodied in it.

NOTE. 1. Imprisonment of either description for term which may extend 2 years and with fine.

2. Which may extend to 5 lakh Rupees with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to 5 years with fine 10 lakh Rupees.

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