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Case Summary : M. R. Balaji And Others vs State Of Mysore on 28 September, 1962

Citation: 1963 AIR 649, 1962 SCR Supl. (1) 439 Bench: Sinha, Bhuvneshwar P.(Cj), Gajendragadkar, P.B., Wanchoo, K.N., Gupta, K.C. Das, Shah, J.C. Facts An order Mysore government issued under article 15(4) reserved seats for admission to the state medical and engineering colleges. On July 26, 1958 the state issued an order that all the communities


THE AYODHYA RAM MANDIR CASE INTRODUCTION The Ayodhya dispute was a political, historical, and socio religious debate in India. The dispute that stretches back more than a century is one of the thorniest court cases and had its presence in almost every political statement that was made. The dispute was over a plot of land

Gloucester Grammar School Case

Gloucester Grammar School Case Case Summary CITATION:((1411), Y. B. 11 Hen. 4, f. 47, pi. 19) FACT OF THE CASE: In the Gloucester Grammar School Case, the defendant was a faculty teacher within the plaintiff’s school. thanks to some dispute, the defendant left the plaintiff’s school and found out a rival school next thereto of