AIR 2000 SC 2773.


M B Shah and S.N. Phukan.


The introduction start with question is that the questions involved in this appeal are that in a nation having various religions and various networks or groups, regardless of whether a specific network or organization of that network can guarantee option to include clamoring contamination the ground of religion.

In the case of thumping of drums or discussing of supplications by utilization of receivers and amplifiers to upset the harmony or peacefulness of neighborhood, ought to be allowed? Undisputedly no religion endorses that supplications ought not to be performed by upsetting the tranquility of others nor does it lecture that they ought to be through voice-enhancers or thumping of drums.

In our view, in a socialized society for the sake of religion, exercises which upset old or weak people, understudies or youngsters having their rest in the early hours or during day-time or different people carrying on different exercises can’t be allowed. It ought not be overlooked that youthful infants in the area are likewise qualified for make the most of their common right of dozing in a tranquil air.

An understudy planning for his assessment is qualified for focus on his investigations without their being any pointless aggravation by the neighbors. Essentially, old and sick are qualified for appreciate sensible quietness during their recreation hours without there being any annoyance of clamor contamination. Matured, debilitated, individuals harassed with mystic unsettling influences just as kids as long as 6 years old are viewed as truly reasonable to clamor. Their privileges are likewise needed to be respected.


In Church of God (Full gospel) in Asian nation (here in once referred to as Church) was a prayer hall for the Pentecostal Christians (a sect of Christians). It recited prayers victimization drums, guitars, and different such musical instruments. It conjointly used loudspeakers for the recital of their prayers.

The church was settled in K.K.R.Nagar, Madhavram High Road, Chennai. This neck of the woods had a welfare association known as K.K.R.Majestic Colony Welfare Association (hereinafter referred to as Welfare Association). This welfare association created a criticism of the state Pollution board stating that the church was inflicting pollution and was thereby making a nuisance for the residents.

A criticism was conjointly created to the Superintendent of Police together with the   Inspector of Police. supported the criticism The Joint Chief Environmental Engineer of the board conducted a take a look at the close noise levels within the space. The take a look at unconcealed that the pollution was thanks to the conveyance movement on Madhavram High Road. The welfare association then filed a criminal petition within the state supreme court, seeking an Associate in Nursing order to direct the Superintendent of Police and therefore the Inspector of Police to require action during this regard. The Court took into thought numerous different scientific reports and one amongst its.


  • Whether the right to practice and profess Christianity that is protected under Article 25 and Article 26 of the constitution is violated.
  •   Whether the judgment relied upon by the HC empowered the concerned authorities to interfere in religious practice. 


The Court ascertained that no rights in associate organized society are absolute. Enjoyment of one’s rights should be per the enjoyment of rights conjointly by others. Wherever in a very free play of social forces it is out of the question to originate a voluntary harmony, the State needs to step into line right the imbalance between competitor interests.

The Court conjointly ascertained that a specific elementary right could not exist in isolation in a watertight compartment. One elementary Right of an individual might be got to co-exist harmonically with the exercise of another elementary Right by others conjointly with the cheap and valid exercise of power by the State within the lightweight of the Directive Principles within the interests of welfare as an entire.

Further, it’s to be expressed that thanks to urbanization or industrial enterprise the pollution might in some space of a city/town be prodigious permissible limits prescribed beneath the principles, however, that may not be a ground for allowing others to extend constantly by the beating of drums or by use of voice amplifiers, loudspeakers or by such alternative musical instruments and, therefore, rules prescribing cheap restrictions together with the principles for the utilization of loudspeakers and voice amplifiers framed beneath the Madras Town Nuisance Act, 1889 and conjointly the pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000 area unit needed to be implemented.

We would mention that although the principles area unit was unambiguous, there is a lack of awareness among the voters additionally because the Implementation Authorities concerning the principles or its duty to implement constantly. Noise polluting activities that area unit rampant and nonetheless for one reason or the opposite, the same Rules or the principles framed beneath numerous State Police Acts do not seem to be implemented. Hence, the court has justly directed the implementation of constant. As a result, attractiveness is fired.