Interview of Vishal Kumar Singh Advocate associated as a Law Officer with HRLN

Vishal Kumar Singh is an Advocate associated as a Law Officer with the Human Rights Law Network, Patna, practicing at the Hon’ble High Court of Patna and adjoining District & Sessions Courts.

After greeting, Sakshi Anand on behalf of E-Justice India begin the Interview of Mr. Vishal Kumar Singh (Adv. Patna High Court)

1. At first, She asked him to provide a brief introduction about himself.

He said, “I am Vishal Kumar Singh is an Advocate associated as a Law Officer with the Human Rights Law Network, Patna, practicing at the Hon’ble High Court of Patna and adjoining District & Sessions Courts. I completed my integrated B.A. LL.B. (Hon.) degree in 2019. Currently I am based in Patna and I practice in Patna high court as well as the adjoining district court and in the various district court in the state of Bihar as the cases require. My expertise is basically in the criminal law and with the cases of trial courts and also in the cases of writ and PIL when appearing in the honorable HC. Apart from this, I am dealing with the cases of health rights, labor rights laws related to women and children POSCO, SC, ST right, and also I was involved in kind of litigation of CAA NRC thing.

2. What is the kind of interest or aptitude do you think one needs to get into law as a career?

Law is a very vast career it depends on what kind of career you want to choose after pursuing the law degree. For example if you want to litigate then it will be best for you to go for litigation in the respective courts. As per the directions of Bar Council of India it was issued last year in Nov, Dec that lawyers who are passing out in year 2020, they have to practice in the district courts for at least two years then only they can practice in the honorable High court . This is the new rule, so if you want to pursue your career in litigation then my suggestion will be that first go to the Trial court and then to HC and SC. Secondly if you want to join law firms then you can pursue your internships in those firms.

3. How much time do you think an aspiring lawyer should wait or expect to become a good lawyer?

 In my opinion, it is slightly different. Lawyers should not wait for even one minute. This is especially for students who are interested in the field of litigation. As the law student gets his/her law degree they should get themselves enrolled in the Bar Council of the state. They should start litigating and start assisting their seniors. A budding lawyer must visit court regularly, start learning the drafting and try to draft their petitions themselves. Before arguing they should write down everything. In my opinion a fair amount of time should be devoted to practice. To become a good lawyer he/she must devote one or two years regularly in the Bar. After one or two years if he/she can’t make it then they can switch over to another career. In my opinion go for two years in Trial courts, start learning and start getting clients.

4. Nowadays, student’s perusing law thinks litigation as that field which demands time and patience. What opportunity do you see in the field of litigation?

There is no doubt that in the field of litigation there is a requirement of much more hard work than in any other field because you don’t have a proper office and sometimes you don’t have the papers on which the cases are filled or your clients are problematic and you have to deal with the clients even if they are calling after 10:00 PM. The legal profession for one or two years is problematic but if you survive for one or two years then the sky is the limit and you will earn a lot. What should be the strategy? From a strategy point of view if you are not getting Clients then you can go for Writs and PIL in the HC. In Patna HC for AOR purpose you need to have contacts. If not go for the Trial cases in DLSA.

5. Sir there is a question in mind of every law student that what field they should choose?  Like to go to Litigation or corporate field.

Like in the first year of your degree decide in which field you have to go, if for litigation then you should do your internship in District courts and HC. Patna is not very useful for the corporate law field. In Patna HC or adjoining district courts out of 1000 cases you will get a maximum of 10 to 15 cases which are related to company law, contract law, and corporate law. Corporate law will not help in courts of Patna but similarly if you start practicing in Kolkata or in Delhi then it would help. If you are pursuing IPR then you should go for IPR law firms.

So whenever you go for choosing the Honors subject then you should go to the court of law in which you want to pursue your career.

6. Sir do you think, it makes sense for students to go abroad or overseas to study law. When they have to practice in India?

Yes it makes sense, if you are getting an opportunity to go abroad for doing your LLM then you should definitely go. When you will come back to India for practicing or litigating in India you will get an ample amount of opportunities. If u will pursue your LLM then it will specify your area of interest. Yes, I think LLM from abroad is a much better option. If given a chance one should pursue.

7. Do you think that that current feminist revolts in India fulfill their advocacy role on women’s rights and social awareness?

Indian laws are pro-women and pro children laws. There are so many pro-women legislation, child-friendly legislation in India. If those provisions were implemented in India it would have done a magnificent job. But so far it was not the political will of the policymakers or the authorities. That’s why we still have cases related to women’s rights. In most of the crimes women are the subject. Yes there is the need for awareness for women to raise her voice.

8. Sir my last question is what is your view for E Justice India?

I appreciate the works done by E Justice which is providing a platform to the law students for interaction with the legal luminaries and making them acquainted with the latest developments in the field of law. I wish all the best to the E Justice.

Vote of thanks to Mr. Vishal Kumar Singh (Adv. Patna High Court) for giving us the opportunity. Thank you sir.

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